Crewed Aid Stations

Crew is allowed from Leatham Hollow (mile 19.66) and will not be allowed at Logan River/Steep (mile 68.60), and Gibson Basin (mile 81.18).

Pacers are allowed from Right Hand Fork (mile 36.92) to the finish. Runners over the age of 60 may have a pacer from start to finish. Pacers may not carry food, water, or equipment for their runner. Vehicle pacing is not allowed.

All aid stations will have water and a diluted Sports Drink. Most will have some kind of fruit, salty food, cookies, or soup, etc. If you have any specialty food or beverage needs, they should be placed in your drop bags or provided by your crew. Most aid stations can be accessed via 2- wheel drive cars. There is some driving on rough dirt roads, so be careful. There is limited at most aid stations, so try to time your arrival shortly before your runner will come in. If you go to Tony Grove AS, there is a $5.00 parking fee. Aid stations and cut-offs are as follows: