GIS and GPS Data

If you have Google Earth or a GPS, you can use the data below to upload the course to your GPS and/or computer to guide either you or your crew during the race. Right click on the files to save them to your hard drive, and then open them in the application you are using. Right click the files to download them to your hard drive (left clicking leads to interesting but unsatisfactory results).

GPX files–for whatever reason, your computer may try to save these as xml files when your “save as” popup appears. Don’t do it! Rename them as *.gpx files, and you will be fine.

bear_alt.gpx  (Raw Data, No Waypoints)
Bear 100 997.gpx  (gpx) (generic gpx file; This file contains track info and 997 waypoints, spaced evenly every .10 miles)
Bear 100 997.gdb  (gdb) (for Garmin Mapsource. This file contains 997 waypoints, spaced evenly every .10 miles).
Bear 100 2009.tpo  (tpo) (this file is for National Geograpic Topo! users, contains track information and 997 waypoints every 0.10 miles)
Bear 100 2008.kml  (kml) (for Google Earth)