Crew Info & Aid Station Directions:

Note: Crew includes family, friends, pacers, helpers, supporters, photographers, etc.

Race Crews may access the following Aid Stations:

Leatham HollowMile 19.7
Right Hand ForkMile 37
Tony GroveMile 52
Franklin BasinMile: 61.5
Beaver Mt. LodgeMile: 75.9
Beaver Creek CampgroundMile 85.6
Ranger DipMile 92.2

For the Lat/Long see the Aid Station Page

Pacers are allowed from Right Hand Fork (mile 37) to the finish. Runners over the age of 60 may have a pacer from start to finish. Pacers may not carry food, water, or equipment for their runner (muling). Vehicle pacing is not allowed. Pay attention to which aid stations are crew accessible for swapping out pacers.  Pacer swapping outside of allowed aid stations is not allowed and may result in disqualification.  Only one pacer at a time is allowed.

Pacers starting at RHF must continue all the way to Tony Grove (15 Miles).  No pacer pickup is allowed at Temple Fork.  A pacer may start at Temple Fork but must be dropped off.  No crew lingering at Temple Fork Aid. 

Race Start

The Race starts at 06:00 @ Hyrum Gibbons/Mount Logan Park, located at 1400 East 350 South in Logan.

  • Go up (East) Center Street in Logan.
  • Work your way up the hill until you come to Eastridge.
  • Turn right on Eastridge.
  • Continue south east to 1400 East.
  • The park will be straight ahead.
  • Do not park overnight at the park. It is allowed to leave a vehicle on the road near the park.

Aid Station Accessibility (for Crew)


Leatham Hollow (Mile 19.7): Go south on Main Street from Logan (left fork heading out of town) past Providence and then to Hyrum, turn left and go up Blacksmith Fork Canyon. Turn left about 5 miles up the canyon at the Left Fork of the Blacksmith sign. About 1 mile past the turn-off you will reach the end of pavement.  You must stop and park at the gate and walk up the road 1/4 mile to the aid station.

Upper Richards Hollow Aid (Mile 27.9): (NO CREW) Crews are not permitted at Upper Richards Hollow Aid.

Right Hand Fork (Mile 37): Before entering Logan Canyon you MUST get a Crew Access Certificate.  These are given out approximately 30-60 mins after your runner has left Upper Richards Hollow (mile 27.9). To get the certificate you MUST pick it up at Lundstrom Park (MAP) near Logan Canyon entrance. The radio team at the park will be notified of your runner leaving the aid station and THEN you can get access to park at RHF.  If you don’t have the certificate you can’t park at the aid station. This will be strictly enforced.  There is ONE certificate per runner. It takes the fastest runners about 80 mins to go from Upper Richards to RHF. The 30 hour runners take just over 2 hours for this stretch. 

Directions: From Leatham Hollow Aid, go back to Logan. Drive to Lundstrom Park (MAP) and get the certificate. Then go up Logan Canyon about 9 miles, and turn right at Right Fork. In about a mile and a half, turn left to right hand fork, the aid station is in about ¾ of a mile where the road dead-ends. Parking is limited here and so you will be forced to park along the road.  Leave access for vehicles.  You may drop a pacer off but no lingering.  You must leave the aid station within 15 mins of your runner leaving the aid to allow for other crews to access the aid station. 

Temple Fork (Mile 45.1): (NO CREW) DO NOT PARK ON HIGHWAY 89 AT TEMPLE FORK. You will be cited by the Highway Patrol. NO CREWS ALLOWED!  You may drop off a pacer but you may not pick up a pacer.  Any pacer that started at RHF must continue to pace to Franklin Basin Aid.  The area for dropping off pacers is right after you turn off the highway.  No vehicles will be allowed across the bridge.  You must drop off the pacer and leave immediately. There just isn’t room for Crew at this aid station.  Please help us comply so we can continue to hold the race in following years.

Tony Grove Aid (Mile 52): (CREW) Due to limited parking there will be a staging area for crews just after the turn-off to Tony Grove from the Highway 89. Do not head up to the lake without approval to proceed from the radio and volunteer team. Once given approval to proceed up the road to Tony Grove you will drive for approximately 6 miles to the ‘backcountry trailhead’. It is on your left just before arriving at the campground and lake parking lot. This aid station now requires a fee to park here due to a recent forest service maintenance requirement. 

Franklin Basin (Mile 61.5): Head down the canyon back to Highway 89. Turn left on Highway 89 and continue up the Canyon about 3 miles to the Franklin Basin road, turn left.  The parking lot is on your left at the pit toilet.  You must park here and walk in the 1/3 mile to the aid station. Do not drive to the aid. This is a requirement for all support crews. Only aid station vehicles will be allowed at the aid.

Logan River: (Mile 68.6) (NO CREW) Logan River aid station will not be accessible to crew. Pacers and crew may attend to their runners at Franklin Basin Road aid station or at Beaver Mountain aid stations. Crews attempting to attend to their runners along the Franklin Basin Road will subject their runner to disqualification. Please help us maintain a safe event that complies with the Forest Service’s wishes.

Beaver Mountain (Mile 75.9): From the Franklin Basin road, go back to the Logan Canyon Highway, turn left (east) and go about 3 miles to the Beaver Mountain left turn. It is about 1-½ miles up the paved road to Beaver Mountain. At this point you will enter a large parking lot, with a small lodge at the extreme end. Three flag poles are in front of the lodge. As you look at the lodge, go right, uphill. This is the road to the yurt and the aid station. Park anywhere near here and proceed on foot.  There is ample parking here for crew. 

Beaver Creek Campground (Mile 85.6): From Beaver Mountain, go back down the paved road ½ mile, turn left and head up Beaver Creek road (not signed) taking the right fork on the rough road to the aid station near Beaver Creek Campground.  Passenger cars are not recommended on this 4 mile rough road.  High clearance vehicles only.

Ranger Dip (Mile 92.2): From Beaver Creek, go back down to the Logan Canyon Highway, and turn left. It is about 3 miles to the Swan Flat road. Turn left onto this dirt road, and go about 5 miles, take the right fork, and there will be the aid station at the trailhead.  Passenger cars can make the journey although it is rough.

Finish Go back the way you came from Ranger Dip AS to highway 89. Turn left, over the summit, and down to Bear Lake at Garden City. At Garden City turn left (north) on Highway 89. Cross into Idaho, and in about 3 miles you will reach Fish Haven. On the left you will see a restaurant called Gladys’s Place. Turn left at Gladys’s Place (Fish Haven Canyon Road).  The finish is 3/4 mile up this road on your left Fish Haven Creek Lodge (681 Fish Haven Canyon Rd).