Trail / Volunteer Work

In keeping with an ethos of giving back, the Bear 100 requires participants to render eight hours of public service to their local forest service or park service in constructing and/or maintaining trails in their area, or to an ultrarunning race as an aid station volunteer or similar (not pacing!). Any type of volunteer service is accepted as long as it is approved by local officials or the RD. The trail (or volunteer) work form below is required in order for your application to be complete. The trail work deadline is September 15.

If you live close enough to come and work on the trails of the BEAR 100, we highly recommend it. We have scheduled to do trail work this summer.

Dates and times for trail work opportunities on the Bear 100 course:


Corner Canyon Opportunities (SLC area) –

Contact or call/text 801-301-2412 for upcoming opportunities

You may work on trails in your area or, if you prefer, and can afford it, you can pay us a fee of $100.00 to have someone work on trails for you. Email the RD for how to complete this option.

Please scan your completed form (or take a photo of it) and email the form to

Bear 100 Trail Work Form.doc