Bear 100 Information:

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This event wouldn’t be possible without the help of volunteers. If you are interested in joining us we would love your help. Please fill out the simple form at this link and we will be in-touch as the race approaches. 

Contact Information

The race director for the BEAR 100 is Cody Draper
Phone (435) 213-6555

Race Details

START Time and Place

The 2024 BEAR 100 starts at 6:00 AM sharp on Friday September 27, 2024.

The race begins at Hyrum Gibbons/Mount Logan Park in Logan UT.
Address: 1400 East 350 South, Logan UT


The BEAR 100 joins the ranks of some of the toughest, as well as most scenic, trail races in the world. Although its elevation isn’t quite as high as some of the other 100 milers, ranging from around 5,000 feet to 9,200 feet, the challenges associated with it will test the strength and endurance of any well-trained runner.

The (actual) Bear

A famous Grizzly Bear named Old Ephraim once roamed the Wasatch-Cache and Caribou National Forests, and I’m sure he set foot in some of the same country that the runners will be traversing. His gravesite where he was eventually killed is only a few miles off the course. In honor of him, the winners of the race will receive an award honoring Old Ephraim, and will be crowned “King and Queen of the BEAR 100”.

Course Information, Conditions, and Marking

The Course

The BEAR 100 is a point to point course that starts in Logan, UT and finishes at Fish Haven, ID at Bear Lake. The first climb is the longest, with many more long climbs to follow with varying difficulties of descent. Some descents are smooth downhill while others are rocky. The course has a great mix of varied terrain. Late September was picked for the time of the run because of the beauty of the fall colors along with the cooler weather that we enjoy during that time of the year. You will see brilliant red maples and quaking aspens turning yellow which provides for a stunning contrast among the rocks and cliffs.

See the Maps Page for more details


The Trail

Seventy percent of the course is on single-track trails, 28% is dirt road, and only 2% on pavement.


Late September in Utah and Idaho is usually nice, but is usually cold at night. There is sometimes a big storm that blows in once or twice in September and occasionally hits during race weekend.  Come prepared for any type of weather including heat, snow and rain.  Yep, you should check the weather before prepping those drop bags. We have had to modify the course twice in 24 years due to winter conditions. Just warning you.

Mandatory Gear?

We will not require mandatory gear. Use your best judgement to bring enough to make sure you are safe/warm. See above about the weather and then pack more than needed because the weatherman is (nearly) always wrong.

Don’t Get Lost

Download the GPX file onto your phone and use Gaia or similar app to use as a backup to the markings. We won’t check your phone, but we HIGHLY recommend doing this. We can’t guarantee that all the markings will remain for the duration of the event. Deer, Elk, and Humans like to destroy the markings. It is your responsibility to stay on course. We will do everything we can to mark the heck out of it, so pay attention and you probably won’t need the phone.

Marking The Course

The Bear 100 will be marked the following way:

Pink Nylon with Reflectors to guide the way. Look for these from Mile 40 – 100.

Pink Ribbon also to guide the way. These are used intermittently with the Pink Nylon above and heavily in the first 40 Miles.

Yellow & Pink for turns. If found on left side of trail a left turn is coming up.

Pink Sprinkler Flags also are good. Look for these when in open fields. They also have reflectors on them.

Blue Ribbons means “Wrong Way”

Blue = Bad.  Turn around and look for PINK

Dog limitations

Under NO Circumstances are dogs allowed at the finish area. Runners and crews ignoring this rule are subject to disqualification. Please don’t jeopardize the race using this facility and leave the dogs at home. Please also keep dogs away from the aid stations by order of the Health Department.

Pre-Race Instructions

Be Prepared

This event is extremely demanding, and should only be undertaken by athletes in excellent physical condition. All entrants should be familiar with basic first-aid, and know the symptoms and treatment for heat exhaustion, hypothermia, frostbite, and altitude sickness. Pay special attention to the distance and elevation gain/loss between checkpoints and plan your needs accordingly. Plan for the worst case scenario.

Training Runs

The race committee highly recommends that you run as much of the course as possible before race day. Check out the Facebook group page for ways to connect with others.

Trail &/or Volunteer Work

Eight hours of trail work or volunteer work (not crewing or pacing) at The Bear or other ultras is required to participate in this race.  These 8 hours of volunteer work must occur between September 2023 and September 2024. We highly suggest that you work on trails where an ultra is held. We will host 2-3 trail days in 2024 on or near the Bear 100 course. You may also work on trails in your area. If you have a reason to feel you should be exempt from the requirement, contact us via e-mail: to plead your case.

Volunteer work forms must be submitted by Sept 15th or you will not be eligible to run. This includes those that join from the waitlist as well. We take this seriously, those that don’t submit by the 15th get removed without a refund. You will receive a confirmation email from the race team upon receipt of the completed form.

See this page for more details:


If you are unable to volunteer there is one additional option to consider. There is an option to sponsor a local to do trail work on the Bear 100 course. Email to learn how to sponsor a local.

Corner Canyon Opportunities (SLC area) –

Contact or call/text 801-301-2412 for upcoming opportunities in the SLC area

To submit your work, go to the Forms Page at


Race Registration is online only. Click here to register

The registration includes entry, course maps, directions, drop bag service, 12 aid stations, a unique tech-shirt, post-race meal, and all finishers get a buckle and custom plaque.

2024 Race Date: September 27-28, 2024

Race fees:

$325 + fees + taxes – Race opened Dec 1, 2023


We have a tiered refund policy – no deferrals. 

The race will offer a partial refund by check ($250) until the last day of May.

After June 1 and until the last day of August, the race will offer a partial refund ($150).

No refunds after Aug 31st.

We offer a $325 refund to runners who become pregnant and wish to withdraw.

We also offer a $325 refund to all military veterans who get called into active duty.

Just to be clear…No deferrals or bib transfers allowed.

Contact the RD @ to request a refund and to be removed from the list.

Waitlisters: You are able to withdraw yourself from the WAITLIST. Just go to your Bear registration from the Registration History on your Account Info on Ultrasignup. Reminder that you are not charged until you accept the invite if/when your turn comes up.


Go to this link to find a pacer or to volunteer to be a pacer. More details on Crew page.

Mandatory Pre-Race Check-In & Bib Pick up @ Start Line

DATE: Thursday Sept 26 (3:30-6:00 PM)

LOCATION: (Hyrum Gibbons/Mount Logan Park) in Logan UT.
Address: 1400 East 350 South, Logan UT

You will have a chance to see the start area and ask any questions you have.

The ‘meeting’ has moved to a Virtual Meeting format. The video will be published the week of the race and a link will be sent by email.

There will be an online waiver you must fill out before the race. The waiver link will be sent out the week of the race. The waiver is for all runners and pacers.

Runners MUST check in and leave their drop bags any time between 3:30 and 6:00 pm.  If you are late (after 6), you may miss the drop bag window.  Don’t be late, the Aid Captains pick up the bags at 6:30. We can’t deliver drop bags day of the race if you miss the window, sorry. The bigger concern is that you miss securing your spot. You may have a friend or family pick up your bib and SWAG.

We will also be accepting people off the waitlist at 6:30 if any fail to show up by 6:00pm the night before the race. If you are on the waitlist and REALLY want to get in, this is your last hope.

Let me say it again, all runners must check-in between 3:30pm and 6:00pm the night before the race or you can’t run on Friday. Yes, you can have a representative do this for you if you have difficulty making it here by then.

You will get the following:

   Race Bib & Pins

   High Quality Tech T-shirt from 

   Free pair of socks from Feetures.

   1 Pacer Bib (if needed) (It is your responsibility to distribute and share the pacer bib)

   1 Crew Parking Pass for RHF or Temple Fork (if needed)

Additional shirts, hats, and other goodies will be available for purchase at that time.

Drop Bags

Drop bags need to be reasonably sized. Don’t bring your entire kit.

Drop bags must be dropped off at the start line at the pre-race meeting. Accordingly, you will need to drop off your bags no later than 6:00 on Thursday afternoon. No exceptions. 

Drop Bags will be transported to each of the major checkpoints in the race. Runners wishing to make use of this service must ensure that their bags are securely tied and clearly marked.

All drop bags will be transported to the finish line on Saturday for pick-up. All bags up to and including Beaver Mtn. Lodge will be combined and delivered to the finish line once the Beaver Mtn. aid closes (11am).  They should arrive to the finish around 12:30. It isn’t possible to pick up the bags before then unless your crew grabs them at the aid stations.

The final aid station bags (Beaver Creek CG & Ranger Dip) will not be delivered until after the aids close at ~4:30 pm. If you want to leave the finish area before 6pm, I recommend not using the drop bag service for the final few aid stations (or plan on not leaving that expensive jacket in the bag).

All drop bags left unclaimed go to Cody’s house for pickup. An email with the address will be sent out following the race. Unclaimed bags may be shipped to a runner at the expense of the runner. Any leftover bags/clothing after 1 week will be donated to goodwill.

Check-In (Morning of the Race)

Please check-in the morning of the race either by checking in personally or by using the ONLINE link provided via email. (preferred method is to use the online check-in)

The email with the link will be sent the day before the race.

Cut-off Times

See Aid Station Page for details

Finish Line

See the Maps page for a map to the finish line

Lodging for Family/Friends near Finish Line

Does your family or crew want a place to sleep Friday night while you run??

Food @ Finish

There will be some food served at the finish line area for Volunteers, Crews, Pacers, and of course Runners.
Breakfast Burritos will be served from 8am to 12pm
Leland’s famous dried (smoked) trout (from his Trout Farm) and pulled pork sandwiches will be served from 1pm to 6pm.


Awards Ceremony

The Awards Ceremony for the top 3 male and female overall winners will be held at the finish area at approximately 12:30pm. Additional awards (Streakers (5 years in a row), 10 year buckle, Rocky Mountain Slam etc.) will be given at ~6pm. Come and cheer on the final finishers as they try to finish under the 36 hour cutoff. 

Old Ephraim Award & Cash Prizes

Old Ephraim was known as the king of the grizzlies. Standing around 10 feet tall, this bear was the fiercest around. In honor of him, the top 3 overall winners, male/female, will receive an award..

We are also pleased to announce a small prize $ purse for 2024.

$500 for 1st Overall (Male and Female) + Free Entry for next year

$300 for 2nd Overall (Male and Female)

$200 for 3rd Overall (Male and Female)

We are also excited to announce a $1,000 cash prize for a course record*

*The alternate course used in 2016 isn’t eligible. If that course is used again due to weather, the CR bonus isn’t enabled for that year. 

Women’s Record is held by Kaytlyn Gerbin (2018) 20:45:48

Men’s Record is held by Zach Garner (2023) 17:11:51


All who finish within the 36 hour time limit will receive a buckle (see below). The buckle will be given to the runner at the finish line.

The Wolverine Buckle

They’re out there, living in the mountains, traveling vast distances, incredibly powerful, famously fierce. Solitary, scarce, sticking to high elevations as they comb the wilderness in search of sustenance. They’re out there, but they seem to lurk in a realm between myth and science, where what is known, what is believed, and what is hoped about these elusive creatures are all very different things. –Sounds a lot like 100 mile runners. Actually the description was meant for Wolverines, but noting the similarities, we thought it appropriate to give special recognition to any runner completing the BEAR 100 in under 24 hours by awarding them the Wolverine Buckle. They will then be loyal subjects to the King of the BEAR, until one of them de-thrones the King.

Grizzly Buckle

All runners who complete the BEAR 100 in 24 to 30 hours will receive this buckle depicting the Grizzly Bear, a powerful, and mighty inhabitant of high, mountainous country.

Black Bear Buckle

Runners who receive this award will have special understanding of the word black, as they have struggled through the night to tackle the BEAR. They have endured many hours of hardship, and have special appreciation of the BEAR, because it truly was a bear! All who complete the race in 30 to 36 hours will receive this beautiful buckle.

Black and Blue Cub

All non-finishers are a member of this club in good standing, until they successfully complete the BEAR 100 in under 36 hours.

10 Year Buckle!

All runners who complete 10 years of The Bear 100 will receive this unique buckle. We can’t think of a better way to spend 10 summers, training for and completing 10 Bear 100’s. You deserve it!

Shuttle back to the Start

It is your responsibility to find a way home from the finish. When registering you will have an opportunity to buy a bus ticket back to the start. There are also other runners heading that way you may negotiate a ride with. Running back to your car isn’t a good idea, just saying.

Shuttle service from finish to start is $20 per runner. There will be 2 shuttles on Saturday, one at approximately 3pm and the second one at approximately 6:30pm. The shuttles do not stop at aid stations along the way. They only go back to the start.

For those planning on riding the shuttle, please park on the road near the start and not in the park’s parking lot. That is not allowed, but parking on the road is ok.

Rocky Mountain Slam

Rocky Mountain Slam

Schedule of Events

Thursday 3:30-6:00 pm – Mandatory check-in, bib pickup, drop bag drop off

Thursday 6:30 pm – any runner who hasn’t checked-in will lose their spot to the next person on the wait-list. If your travel arrangements prohibit you from arriving by ~6pm you must make arrangements to have someone pick up your bib and check-in for you.

Friday 5:00 am – 6:00 am – Electronic check-in for all runners (link will be provided)

Friday 6:00 am – Race start

Friday Night ~ Midnight – First runners cross finish line

Saturday 6:00 pm – Finish line cutoff (36 hours)