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Contact Information

The race director for the BEAR 100 is Leland Barker
1471 W HWY 218, Smithfield, UT 84335
Phone (435) 563-3647
Email  bear100man@hotmail.com


Dog limitations

Under NO Circumstances are dogs allowed at the finish area. Runners and crews ignoring this rule are subject to disqualification. Please don’t jeopardize the race using this facility and leave the dogs at home.

Time and Place

The 2021 BEAR 100 starts at 6:00 AM sharp on September 24, 2021. The race begins at Hyrum Gibbons/Mount Logan Park in Logan UT.
Address: 1400 East 350 South, Logan UT

The Race

The BEAR 100 joins the ranks of some of the toughest, as well as most scenic, trail races in the world. Although its elevation isn’t quite as high as some of the other 100 milers, ranging from around 5,000 feet to 9,200 feet, the challenges associated with it will test the strength and endurance of any well-trained runner.

The Bear

A famous Grizzly Bear named Old Ephraim once roamed the Wasatch-Cache and Caribou National Forests, and I’m sure he set foot in some of the same country that the runners will be traversing. The winners of the race will receive a beautifully carved plaque depicting Old Ephraim, and will be crowned “King and Queen of the BEAR”

Course Information and Conditions

The Course

The BEAR 100 is a point to point course that starts in Logan, UT and finishes at Fish Haven, ID at Bear Lake. The first climb is the longest, with many more long climbs to follow with varying difficulties of descent. Some descents are smooth downhill while others are rocky. Late September was picked for the time of the run because of the beauty of the fall colors at that time. You will see brilliant red maples and quaking aspens turning yellow which provides for a stunning contrast among the rocks and cliffs.

The Trail

Seventy percent of the course is on trails, 29% is dirt road, and only 1% on pavement.


Late September in Utah and Idaho can be very damp, and is usually down-right cold at nights. It could even snow, so come prepared for any type of weather.

Pre-Race Preparation

Be Prepared

This event is extremely demanding, and should only be undertaken by athletes in excellent physical condition. All entrants should be familiar with basic first-aid, and know the symptoms and treatment for heat exhaustion, hypothermia, frostbite, and altitude sickness. Pay special attention to the distance and elevation gain/loss between checkpoints and plan your needs accordingly. Plan for the worst case scenario. Survival gear in case of an accident is a must.

Training Runs

The race committee highly recommends that you run as much of the course as possible before race day.

Trail Work

Eight hours of trail work or volunteer work at other ultras is typically required to participate in this race.  For the 2021 race we will allow for you to substitute ANY community service in-lieu of trail work.  The world needs you right now so get out and help!  You can volunteer at a food bank, civic center or any similar non-profit for this year.  You may also work on trails in your area. If you have a reason to feel you should be exempt from the very flexible requirement, contact Leland Barker (435) 563-3647, or e-mail: bear100man@hotmail.com to plead your case.

Follow the Download Form Link to this address, or go to the Forms Page from  https://bear100.com/Race/Forms


Race Registration is online only. Registration is capped at 350 runners.

The registration includes entry, course maps, directions, drop bag service, 13 aid stations, awards, shirt, post-race dinner, and results.

2021 Race Date: September 24-25, 2021
Entrant cap stays at 350 runners then a wait list will be started.
Leland will no longer offer rollovers for drops but will still offer a partial refund until 9/10/2020 at 12am

Registration ends at Noon September 16, 2021
Registration starts on October 1, 2020

Race fees  $240 through 5-31-21
$260 06-1-21 through 8-31-21
$280 09-1-21 through 9-21-21

Shuttle service

Shuttle service from finish to start is $20 per runner

Pre-Race Briefing

Pre-Race Briefing is the Thursday before the race at Merlin Olsen Park at 300 East Center St. in Logan, Utah (Southwest Bowery) at 5:00 pm. We will be at the South Pavilion, which is near the 200 East 100 South Intersection

The pre-race meeting is at 5:00 pm on Thursday, but runners can check in and leave their drop bags any time between 3:30 and 6:00 pm.


Please check in and sign a waiver at Merlin Olsen Park between 3:30 and 6:00 pm on Thursday.

Also please check in at the start of the race.

Packet Pick Up

Race packets will be available to pick up as much as a week before the race at The Sportsman, which is located at 129 North Main in Logan. Any that aren’t picked up by 3 pm on Thursday will be transported to Merlin Olsen Park, where they will be available to pick up there between 3:30 and 6 pm Thursday.

Drop Bags

Drop bag size limitation (all aid stations expect finish line): 15 and 20 inches in length, 5 to 10 inches in width and 8 to 10 inches deep Finish line drop bag size limitation:20 inches long, 10 inches wide and 10 to 12 inches deep

Drop bags will be dropped off at Merlin Olsen Park. Accordingly, you will need to drop off your bags no later than 6:00 on Thursday afternoon.

Drop Bags will be transported to each of the major checkpoints in the race. Runners wishing to make use of this service must insure that their bags are securely tied and clearly marked.

Cut-off Times

Twin Creek Aid 1 am
Franklin Basin Aid 5 am
Logan River Aid 9 am
Beaver Lodge 11 am
Gibson Basin 12:45 pm
Beaver Creek 2 pm
Ranger Dip 4 pm
Finish 6 pm


Awards Ceremony

The Awards Ceremony will be held at the finish area at 6:00 PM on Saturday, September 25, 2021.

Finisher Award

All who finish within the 36 hour time limit will receive a beautifully engraved plaque depicting the race course.

Old Ephraim Award

The overall winners, male/female, will receive this beautifully engraved plaque.

The Wolverine Buckle

They’re out there, living in the mountains, traveling vast distances, incredibly powerful, famously fierce. Solitary, scarce, sticking to high elevations as they comb the wilderness in search of sustenance. They’re out there, but they seem to lurk in a realm between myth and science, where what is known, what is believed, and what is hoped about these elusive creatures are all very different things. –Sounds a lot like 100 mile runners. Actually the description was meant for Wolverines, but noting the similarities, we thought it appropriate to give special recognition to any runner completing the BEAR 100 in under 24 hours by awarding them the Wolverine Buckle. They will then be loyal subjects to the King of the BEAR, until one of them de-thrones the King.

Grizzly Buckle

All runners who complete the BEAR 100 in 24 to 30 hours will receive this buckle depicting the Grizzly Bear, a powerful, and mighty inhabitant of high, mountainous country.

Black Bear Buckle

Runners who receive this award will have special understanding of the word black, as they have struggled through the night to tackle the BEAR. They have endured many hours of hardship, and have special appreciation of the BEAR, because it truly was a bear! All who complete the race in 30 to 36 hours will receive this beautiful buckle.

Black and Blue Cub

All non-finishers are a member of this club in good standing, until they successfully complete the BEAR 100 in under 36 hours.