Mama Bear 50 mile course directions:

3bears_logo_smallThe start is near the entrance to Albert Moser Campground, which is a mile up from Deer Cliff Inn. You enter the campground and go to the far end of the campground, taking a trail next to the river that cuts back to the south. You climb for about a mile, then the trail levels out, and is rolling for the next 2 ½ miles. You cross a dry creek bed, then 1/10th mile later, you turn left in a meadow, heading east on a faint trail. In less than ½ mile you come to a fence. Cross it through a gate. You cross a creek, then take a left, heading east. In a little over a mile you come to a 4-wheel road. Continue straight onto this road. In a little over a mile, after a bit of a climb, you come to a spring on the right at a water trough. 1/3 of a mile later you top out on a hill, then drop down for 2/3 mile. You see a sign ahead. Go left, then left again in 20 yards, heading east up a very steep trail for about 1 ½ miles. When you reach the top, you go right on a 4-wheel road. There should be a water stop here. In 1 1/3 miles you come to a dirt road. Turn right, heading uphill. In 2/10 mile you see a sign to Danish Pass. Turn left, then in 3/10 mile take the right fork in the road. 2/10 of a mile later, you turn left onto a trail that shortly joins a road heading to Danish Pass. One mile later you take a left onto a short-cut trail that takes you up to Danish Pass 4/10 of a mile later. The aid station is 200 yards down the road on the left. After the aid station, go back to Danish Pass, and take a left onto a trail. It is a very steep uphill for the first 3/10 of a mile. You continue to climb for another 7/10 of a mile, then it is rolling up and down for the next 1.3 miles. Then you descend for a mile, then have a short climb. Soon you drop down and take a left onto a steep, rocky trail for ¼ mile. Then the trail smooths out, and levels out a bit. Soon you come to Gibson Basin, and take a left, circling around the north end of the basin. You cross a road and head up a trial. 2/3 of a mile later you top out after a steep climb. You climb a little bit more, then head downhill for nearly 2 miles to Beaver Creek and the aid station.

From Beaver Creek aid station you cross a road, and head east on a dirt road for 4 ¼ miles to a water stop. Then you go left onto a better road, and in about 100 yards, go right onto a jeep trail. In 1.6 miles a faint jeep trail takes off to the right. Go left on the main trail, dropping down into a basin. The climb up the far side is quite steep, then you drop down for a mile, and come to the Egan Basin road. Go right, and in 1.7 miles you are back at the Danish Pass Aid Station.

From the Danish Pass Aid Station, you head west to Danish Pass, then take a right onto the Highline trail. In a little less than a mile you see a sign. Go left. In 3.6 miles you come to a rock cairn. Continue straight, still heading north. In a little over ½ mile you see a sign pointing to Bloomington Lake off to the right. Take the left fork of the trail that continues northward. In 2.3 miles, a trail joins in from the right. Continue straight. About 2 ½ miles later you come to a maze of trails that drop down to the right. Take your pick. They all lead to Paris (Canyon, that is). About ½ mile after the trail maze, you leave the 4-wheel trail you are on, and continue northward on a single-track trail. In a little less than a mile you come to the Paris Canyon Aid Station.

From the Paris Canyon Aid Station, you head west up a rocky road. You head over the mountain, and drop down the German Dugway road. You see a road take off to the right. Continue straight for another 2 miles to the water stop at a road junction.

From the water stop, you have 2 choices: Head down the road for 7 2/3 miles to the finish, or cross the road, and get on a trail for 6 2/3 miles to the finish. The trail is very steep in places, and not recommended in wet weather. If you take the trail, it is fairly level for about ½ mile, then cuts to the right up a ridge for a while, then traverses westerly, and climbs up to a ridge heading west. You mostly stay on this ridge until you come to a peak. You drop down the west side of the peak on a very steep trail (be careful). In ½ mile it levels out, then drops down for another ½ mile on cow trails. You come to a road, and turn left. You stay on the 4-wheel road for 1 ¾ miles, then take a left onto a trail at the edge of a clear-cut area. You drop down the trail for 1 ½ miles to the Cub River Canyon road. Go right, heading west for 9/10 of a mile to the finish.

Mama Bear 50 Mile - Elevation Profile