Aid Stations

All runners must finish the race by 6:00 PM, Saturday, September 26, 2020 to receive the finisher award.

All aid stations will have water and a diluted Sports Drink. Most will have some kind of fruit, salty food, cookies, or soup, etc. If you have any specialty food or beverage needs, they should be placed in your drop bags or provided by your crew. Most aid stations can be accessed via 2- wheel drive cars. There is some driving on rough dirt roads, so be careful. There is limited at most aid stations, so try to time your arrival shortly before your runner will come in. If you go to Tony Grove AS, there is a $5.00 parking fee. Aid stations and cut-offs are as follows:

Cut Off
(Local Time)
Drop Bags
Logan Peak
Leatham Hollow
Richards Hollow
Cowley Canyon
Right Hand Fork
Temple Fork
Tony Grove
1 am
Franklin Trailhead
5 am
Logan River/Steep
9 am
Beaver Mt Lodge
11:00 am
Gibson Basin
12:45 pm
Beaver Creek Campground
2:15 pm
Ranger Dip
4:15 pm
6 pm

Start to Checkpoint #1, Logan Peak (10.5)

The race begins at Hyrum Gibbons Park, 1400 East, 350 South, in Logan, Utah. From downtown Logan (Highway 89 and Center Street), turn east at Center Street in Logan. In about a mile the road goes up a steep hill, and then curves to the left, heading north. At this point it has become Mountain Road. Continue until you reach 25 North, then turn right, heading east. Follow this road to 1400 East, and then turn right. The park and start area will be on your left (east) shortly after you turn. The race leaves the park to the north along 1400 East. It then turns east (right) on 25 North until it reaches pavement end at the mouth of Dry Canyon. This is a rocky dirt road, which turns into a trail about ¼ mile up. Follow this trail up the canyon about 3 miles. There will be a trail that cuts off to the right. Take it. This is the South Syncline Trail. It goes around Little Baldy and then becomes an ATV trail. There is a piped spring on this trail with a trough if you need to refill. The trail goes in and out of aspen and conifers and then, after a steep climb, reaches the first aid station, Logan Peak, at Mile 10.4.

Checkpoint #1, Logan Peak (10.5) to Checkpoint #2, Leatham Hollow (19.6)

From the aid station go south on the dirt road to Millville Pass, where you begin a gradual rocky descent toward Milliville Canyon. Ferry Spring provides reliable water along this stretch. Soon you will be overlooking the gorge of Leatham Hollow as you traverse its slopes. The relief is impressive. At 15.2 miles you will see a sign for the Leatham Hollow trail on your left. Take it. Descend through the conifers on this very runnable trail all the way to the next aid station.

Leatham Hollow (19.6) to Richards Hollow (22.4)

Follow the dirt road up the canyon 3 miles.

Richards Hollow (22.4) to Cowley Canyon (29.9)

Stay on the main trail going up Richards Hollow for about 5 miles. You come to a fence, then soon the trail splits. You take a sharp right, and climb up for 6/10 of a mile to a road. Turn right and this road drops you down for 1 ½ miles to another spring on the left, just 1/3 of a mile before the aid station. The aid station sits in a shallow pass at the top of Cowley Canyon.

Cowley Canyon (29.9) to Right Fork (36.9)

Head southeast on a dirt road. In 1/10 of a mile the road splits. Go left. Follow this road up and over a ridge for about 2 ½ miles, then take a left onto the first trail you come to (about ½ mile past the ridge) This takes you down Ricks Canyon. Soon a trail cuts in from the right. Stay left, and cruise down the canyon for about 3 miles, where you see the Steel Hollow trail come in from the right. Continue straight down the canyon and in a little less than a mile you come to the main canyon, and a trail split. Go left, down the canyon ½ mile to the aid station.

Right Fork (36.9) to Temple Fork (45.2)

Go back up the canyon. Stay left at the trail junction ½ mile up and go up Willow Canyon. In 8/10 of a mile farther the main trail veers left, then you come to a gate in another 3/10. In another half mile there is a trail split. The main trail cuts right. Take it and in 3/10 of a mile you see the Ephraim Trail to the right. Continue straight up the trail. In 2/3 of a mile you go right at the trail split, then a quick left at the next. Then you come to a gate. Go through the gate, leaving it the way you found it, and stay right (straight) at the next split. Soon you come to a road. Take a left onto the road and in ½ mile you reach Mud Flat. Descend down the Temple Fork road (forest road 007) for about a mile until you see a distinct trail at a sharp angle to your right. (This will be right before you hit a hairpin turn and the road begins to climb). Take the trail straight east. It will take you to a bridge (north) and a good ATV trail down to a parking lot. Leave the lot downcanyon, now on the Temple Fork road (gravel) to the aid station at the junction with Highway 89.

Temple Fork (45.2) to Tony Grove (51.8)

Go down the paved entrance to parking lot and cross HWY 89. In about 30 feet you will see a trail climbing the road cut southwest. Take it. This cutoff climbs around a shoulder to the Blind Hollow Trail. Begin climbing this trail northwest. 3 ½ miles up the trail you take a right at a post in a wet meadow and head up past Hansen Pond (mudhole). Soon you come to a T with a sign. Go left. In 1.2 miles more you come to another T and a brand new sign. Follow this sign right to Tony Grove. In 7/10 of a mile, after the switchbacks through the pines, you come out in the open and cross a trail. Continue straight and soon you come to a campground. Go left up through the campground. As the paved road curves right, stay straight on a very wide trail (boulders prevent vehicle access), then veer right towards the lake. You will run along the right side of the lake on a trail over a dam, and come to the parking area and the aid station.

Tony Grove (51.8) to Franklin Trailhead (61.5)

Head north on the White Pine Trail. In 3/10 you come to a sign. Follow it right to White Pine. In about 2 1/4 miles you come to a ridge, then drop down into White Pine Canyon. In about a mile you come to a bridge. Shortly after the bridge you take a right, heading down the canyon. In a little over 3 miles you come to a trail split. Turn left, down, crossing a stream, and ascend north, up, to a pass full of Mules Ear daisies. Cattle braid the trail in this area, but the trails rejoin after the meadow. This area will be heavily marked, but there may be more than one path between markings with all the braids. Run downhill to the north through a very large field of Mules Ear, and then through some aspen. Soon you will reach a beaver pond—go left to a plank bridge. You have arrived at the aid station.

Franklin Trailhead (61.5) to Logan River (68.8)

Head north out of the aid station on a dirt road. Soon you will reach a trail, which splits after leaving the undeveloped camp sites in about 100 yards. Go left. You will soon cross the stream and go toward some trees. You will encounter a T with a trail of use. Bear left, up and into the trees. After about 0.3 miles the trail meets up with a better trail at a T. Go right. You are now on the Steam Mill trail. The next mile is steep and rocky. Then the trail moderates as it goes to the north side of the ridge in big conifers. The trail crosses to the north side of the stream and follows the stream. 3.6 miles out of the aid station you reach a fainter trail coming in at 120 degrees from the northeast. Look for it—it’s 100 yards before the main trail crosses the stream. This trail will be well marked on race day, BUT IS EXTREMELY HARD TO SEE. PAY ATTENTION!! (If you cross the stream from right to left and see the old rusty steam mill boiler, you have gone too far). Take this trail NE until it reaches a pass and heads N through sage and underbrush. The trail goes into conifers above a sink and skirts the sink. Bowl and ridge, bowl and ridge, you move N. At one point the trail splits—take the upper split. If you miss this, do not panic. You will soon reach a lone conifer, and if you are below it you will hit a T. Go up. In 30 feet you will catch the upper split you should have taken. Continue N until you reach the Steep Hollow road. Turn right, down this road, to the Franklin Basin road. This is the Logan River/Steep Hollow Aid Station.

Logan River (68.8) to Beaver Mt Yurt (75.9)

From the aid station go right, down the road, 0.8 miles to the river crossing. This will be on a 4WD road of use to your left. The river crossing is easier during the race than in July—you might even keep your feet dry. Follow the Peterson Hollow trail to a point about 2.6 miles from the river crossing. This trail is heavily braided by cattle; there may be more than one correct way to go. This area will be well marked, but be assured that the braids converge and reconverge; all ways lead to where you want to go. At 2.6 miles from the river, look right. You will see a very wide drainage coming in from your right, sage on the south face, conifers on the north. This is your destination. A very good trail follows the bottom of the drainage, but the junction is very faint. Bear for the drainage bottom and the trail will become apparent. Go over a distinct pass and descend a rocky and steep trail, skirting to the N of Beaver Mt ski area and Long Hollow. About 200 yards before reaching the Sink Hollow road and the TH, turn right on a what will be a very well-marked cutoff trail through the woods to the paved Beaver Mt access road. If you reach a dirt road, YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR, EVEN IF YOU SEE MARKINGS. THOSE MARKINGS ARE TO GO UP SINK HOLLOW AFTER YOU LEAVE BEAVER MOUNTAIN. After reaching the paved Beaver Mountain access road, run up the road a few hundred yards until you reach a dirt road to your right. Take the road, which will climb to the yurt and the aid station to the lodge, north of and above the lower parking lot.

Beaver Mt Yurt (75.9) to Gibson Basin (81.3)

Green Canyon: (Mile 83.9): This is a new aid station for the Bear 100 2016 and is crew accessible. There are at least three ways to get to this aid station. Only two will be cited. The longer way is a smoother, less rough way. It is Option 2 listed below. At times, Green Canyon Aid Station may be referred to as GCAS.

Option 1: (Shorter total distance, but a rougher way, especially for cars.) From the Franklin Basin Aid Station, return to Highway 89, turn left and head up that Canyon towards Bear Lake. Turn left towards Beaver Mountain Ski Lodge, Highway 243. Before Highway 243 makes a big turn to the left, turn right on Forest Service Road 011 to Beaver Creek Campground. Stay on FS 011. At the Idaho border, the Forest Service Road turns into FS 411. (Note: For any of you who have done the Bear 100 before, this is the road you take to our old Aid Station, Beaver Creek Campground.) There is a very rough spot on this road right near the UT-ID border for approximately ½ mile or more. Continue past Beaver Creek Campground 1.6 miles to a junction where there are signs saying Egan Basin to the left and St. Charles to the right. You will be approximately 6 miles from Highway 89 at this point. Stay right at the junction and continue on FS 411 another 2.8 miles to the GCAS.

Alternate option to Green Canyon Aid Station: (longer, but better roads for cars)

Option 2:

From the Franklin Basin Aid Station, head east on Highway 89 to Bear Lake. At the four way stop in Garden City, turn left and continue on Highway 89 to St. Charles, approximately 12 miles from Garden City. Go one block past the large church on the left to 200 N. Turn left on 200 N. heading West. After a couple of blocks, the road turns to dirt (Green Canyon Road, Forest Service Road 411). About 7.5 miles up Green Canyon Road, you will come to a junction. Take the right fork of that junction with signs saying Beaver Creek and Egan Basin. Continue on FS 411 for about 1.8 miles. You will come to a large clearing with adequate parking for all crew.

Gibson Basin (81.3) to Beaver Creek CG (85.6)

Run along the right side of the Basin for over a mile, then take a right onto a trail that cuts up and into the trees in a southeasterly direction. You are in the mouth of the Bear! Try not to die as the trail swings south and goes up a steep hill. Once over the top of the hill it is mostly downhill to the next aid station, partly on smooth trail, and partly on rocky trail. Step lightly on the bears’ teeth (rocks) and you just might survive. After the trail swings to the east you come to Beaver Creek and the aid station.

Beaver Creek CG (85.6) to Ranger Dip Trail (92.5)

Head east on the dirt road for about 2 miles, then take a right onto a trail that cuts back up to the top of the ridge. Stay on the main trail and in a couple miles you will get your first glimpse of Bear Lake, off to the left. You will also see Beaver Mountain Ski Resort to the south, plus White Pine canyon and Logan Peak—everything you just ran through (if it’s daylight). In a couple more miles you are in the open sagebrush, and you will come to a road. Go left, heading east. Listen for bugling elk. You climb up over a hill and drop down to see the Fish Haven Trail take off to the left. You will not take this trail! You will veer right on the road and in about a mile come to the aid station.

Ranger Dip Trail (92.5) to Bear Lake (99.7)

You follow the Ranger dip trail for about 5 miles as it takes you up probably the steepest hill of the race, Ranger Dip Liftoff, to a nice windy trail for a while on top of the hill. You head northeast for a while, getting better and better glimpses of Bear Lake. Then you drop down, quite steeply, to the east toward Bear Lake. About 2 miles from the finish you come to a paved road. Look north and up. There is an ATV trail here that switches west and then east, up and over the small ridge to the north. Take this ATV trail. You will pass a water tank on the ridge crest, and then head down through maples into Fish Haven Canyon. Cross the stream (you will get wet), then head east down the gravel Fish Haven road for a mile or so. Then, take a left onto the highway that parallels the shore of Bear Lake. Carefully cross the highway, then cross over to the east side of the highway heading north. In about one hundred yards you will come across a white fence. Turn right into the lawn area and you have finished The Bear!