Refunds Policy and Voluntarism

Because expenses in a race like the Bear are generally incurred early, if the race is cancelled because of conditions beyond our control, we reserve the right to retain the entire balance of the entry fee. We are a nonprofit race and will endeavor to return a portion of those fees that we are able, but cannot guarantee such return. Thank you for your understanding.



  1. Dog limitations: Under NO Circumstances are dogs allowed at the finish area. Runners and crews ignoring this rule are subject to disqualification. Please don’t jeopardize the race using this facility and leave the dogs at home.
  2. Short-cutting of course.  The Bear 100 is a closed course and must be completed as marked.
  3. Missing/Skipping a checkpoint.
  4. Getting in a moving vehicle.
  5. Failing to remain at a checkpoint for medical evaluation on request of checkpoint personnel
  6. Impeding another runner.
  7. Crewing outside allowed aid stations
  8. Continuing on the course after cut-off (denial of future entry)
  9. Running as a bandit or a nuisance (see below)
  10. Use of performance enhancing drugs (must comply with USATF rules)


  1. Running as a bandit, pacing or crewing for a bandit runner
  2. Having crews take cars to areas designated as off-limits.
  3. Disobeying Forest Service rules regarding disposal of human waste or mistreatment of the environment, littering, failing to respect private property.
  4. Mistreating Aid Station personnel, runners, or pacers.
  5. Using more than one pacer at a time until the last mile.

Runners are expected to behave in a sportsmanlike manner. The race committee reserves the right to impose sanctions for behavior not specifically mentioned here.