Welcome to the Three Bears Trail Races

September 16-17, 2022

The 3 Bears Trail Races:

Papa Bear 100 Mile, Mama Bear 50 Mile, & Baby Bear 50K

Come Enjoy the ‘Original Bear Course’ (Bear 100 years 1999-2007)

* 100 mile requirement: You must have finished a mountain 100 in the last 2 years, or finished the Mama Bear 50 mile the previous year.


The 2022 3 Bears Trail Races will start on Friday, Sept. 16th, at 6:30 am, and will run until 8:30 pm on Sat. the 17th.

The 100 mile race will start first, on Friday Sept. 16th at 6:30 am at Deer Cliff Inn, and will follow the 50 mile course in a clockwise direction until Danish Pass, then will do a counter clockwise loop back to Danish Pass, and will continue from there in a clockwise direction to Deer Cliff Inn, and the 50 mile point. From there, runners will do the 50 mile course in reverse of what they just did. They will go to Danish Pass, and then do the 19 mile loop in a clockwise direction back to Danish Pass. From there, they will head north and finish the course in a counter clockwise direction, finishing at Deer Cliff Inn.

The 50 mile will start at 5 am on Sat. the 17th at Deer Cliff Inn, and the 50K will start at 6:30 am on the 17th, and will begin at the campground a mile up from Deer Cliff Inn. They will both follow the course in a counter clockwise direction to Danish Pass, where the 50K runners will head north on the Highline Trail from there, and will finish at Deer Cliff Inn. The 50 mile runners will do a counter clockwise loop from Danish Pass to Danish Pass, then will head north on the Highline Trail and finish at Deer Cliff Inn.

Aid Stations:

There will be 4 manned aid stations along the course, and 3 water stops. The manned aid stations will be at Paris Canyon, Danish Pass, Beaver Creek, and Deer Cliff Inn.

  • The 100 mile course will have a water stop at mile 7, full aid at 10 (Paris Canyon), full aid at 20.5 (Danish Pass), full aid at 28.6 (Beaver Creek), a water stop at 33 (Fish Haven Road), full aid at 39 (Danish Pass), water at 41, full aid at Deer Cliff Inn (50), water at mile 59, full aid at 62 (Danish Pass), water at 68, full aid at 72. (Beaver Creek), full aid at 80. (Danish Pass), full aid at 90. (Paris Canyon), water at 93, and full aid at 100 (Finish)

  • The 50 mile course will have a water stop at mile 9, full aid at 11.5 (Danish Pass), full aid at 19.6 (Beaver Creek), water at 24, full aid at 30(Danish Pass), full aid at 40.5 (Paris Canyon), water at 43.3, full aid at the finish (50).

  • The 50K course will have water at 9, full aid at 11.5 (Danish Pass), full aid at 22 (Paris Canyon), water at 24.7, full aid at the finish (31.3)

Cut-off times:

For 100 mile race only:

  • Deer Cliff Inn (mile 51): 11:30 pm Friday
  • Danish Pass (mile 63):  6:30 am Saturday
  • Danish Pass (mile 82):  12:00 Noon Saturday.
  • Paris Canyon (mile 92.5)  4 pm Sat.

Drop Bags:

  • Runners in the 100 mile race will have drop bag service in 2 locations: Danish Pass, which they will pass through 4 times, at mile 20.5, 39, 62, and 80. Also they can have a drop bag for Deer Cliff Inn (mile 50/finish)
  • Runners in the 50 mile will have drop bag service at Danish Pass, mile 11.5, and 30.
  • Runners in the 50K will not have drop bag service.

Crew Access:

Danish Pass is accessible by driving up Cub River Road to the campground at willow flat, then continuing up the road (very rough in places) (2 wheel accessible only in dry weather and if you are careful) (4 wheel recommended). When you top out, you take a left turn then stay right at the Y, then take a left turn heading east to Danish Pass.

Option: You can drive around to Logan Canyon, and turn off onto the Franklin Basin Road (App. 23 miles up the canyon). This is a well graded, good dirt road for the most part. When you start to go downhill, you are only a few miles from the right turn to Danish Pass. Follow the signs.

The Beaver Creek  aid station is accessible from Danish Pass by Driving down through Egan Basin to the southeast. Also you can access it from Logan Canyon. You take a left at the Beaver Mountain turnoff, go 9/10 of a mile, and take a right onto a dirt road. You go about 5 miles on this dirt road, which is a bit rough in a few spots, so be careful. The aid station is just past the campground, which you will see off to the right. The aid station is on the left.

The Paris Canyon aid station is accessible to crew, but is a long drive, and not recommended.

You drive to Paris Canyon, Idaho either via Logan Canyon, or highway 36, north From Preston, ID, if it isn’t closed because of the LOTOJA bike race. From Paris, ID, head west up the Paris Canyon road (dirt). Take the right fork a few miles up, and continue about 9 more miles, until you come to a sign that says: Road not maintained. It is very rough from there to the aid station ½ mile up. (4 wheel only), or you can walk the last ½ mile.


There is limited parking at Deer Cliff Inn.  Please do not park in front of Deer cliff Inn or Cub River Guest Ranch unless you are a client.

You may park along the dirt road above Deer Cliff Inn, in single file, where there is enough room for traffic to pass (both ways).

50K  parking: there is quite a bit of parking available near the start by Albert Moser Campground.

You can park somewhere between there and Deer Cliff Inn to make the walk back to the car a little shorter.

Pre-race Check-in:

There is no pre-race meeting the day before. You will check in at Deer Cliff Inn the morning of the race. Please come early enough to pick up your bib #, sign a waiver, and get your name on our list of runners. We will have a large white board, where you will sign yourself in. You will be responsible to sign yourself in at each aid station also. There will be a clock at each check-in board, and runners will be responsible for getting their bib # and time in and out of each aid station written down on the large white board. They can defer this to their crew, or aid station volunteers, if they are available to help.

T-shirts can be picked up after the race, or you can choose a hat instead.

* If possible, please google usat&f waiver for adults and copy one, and bring it with you to make things smoother at check-in.


There will be a variety of foods available at the aid stations. If you have a specialty food that you think you might need that probably won’t be available, put it in your drop bags for Danish Pass or Deer Cliff Inn (100 mile runners), or Danish Pass (50 mile runners).

After the race there will be food available for anyone involved with the race. Crew, family, volunteers, all may enjoy what we have cooking, as well as any snack food available.

If you want a nice, cozy dinner after, try Deer Cliff Inn. Pay your own way there.


Runners will receive a finisher medallion as they finish. The top male and female finishers will receive a special award. There is no awards ceremony. All runners may pick a t-shirt or a hat also at the finish.

The Course:

The course is 78% trail, and 22% dirt road. Elevation gain/drop is app. 20,000 feet each. The race is situated in the beautiful Wasatch Cache National Forest, in the Bear River Range in southeast Idaho. Elevation ranges from 5,700 feet to over 9,000 feet.  Much of the course is along the Highline Trail, which gives you stunning views of the area. This is a tough course, and should only be attempted if you have trained sufficiently to be able to complete it.

Trail Work:

There is no trail work requirement for these races, but runners are encouraged to give back to the forest by participating in any trail work activities they can, and by being good stewards of the forest. Use no trace ethics, and leave it better than you found it. Also, helping out at other races in any way you can is encouraged.

Race Ethics:

Please use no trace ethics while out on the course. If you have to do #2 while out on the course, and no toilet is available, please take the time to dig a shallow hole, using available sticks or rocks, and cover it up. No littering of any kind.

If you encounter another runner who is struggling, ask him/her if he/she is okay, and help if you can. If they need more assistance than you are able to give, please report their situation to the next aid station.


We are always looking for volunteers to help with the races. They are essential to having a successful race. If you know someone who is willing to help, please have them contact Leland Barker via e-mail: